Zealous Washer Family Tee

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Our beauty washer line was created to make sure no detail of your build goes left undone. We believe that the small details matter just as much if not more then the big details! So we believe there should be “No Bolts Left Behind”!

This design showcases some of our washer designs and gives you a technical view created by the design team. 


Shirt specs:

  • 4.3oz. 60% rung-spun cotton / 40% polyester jersey (100% quality lightweight comfort!)
  • Black base color with two tone print on back
  • Font: Features “Zealous” logo
  • Left Sleeve: Features monochrome (solid one color) American flag
  • Back: Features custom two tone print (gold & white) technical drawing view of the beauty washer family.

Shirts will ship: 2 weeks from pre-order closing!

Notes: Supplied image(s) are very accurate digital mock ups, final product may vary slightly in color due to monitor/screen differences, slight graphic location adjustments may occur as well.