Grip Clean Dog Wash (12oz)

Grip Clean Dog Wash (12oz)

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We always joke how dogs are better then humans most of the time, when we say most of the time you know there’s exceptions! Like when your dog runs outside after it rains and finds the dirt pile and is caked with mud, or when your dog is feeling adventurous and running through brush. Whatever the case is Grip Clean Dog Wash is here to help.

Built to deep clean and moisturize at the same time this product will get the job done!

Best Uses:

  • Removing Strong Odors!
  • Cleaning up after fun times in the Mud!
  • Washing away the curiosity of the freshly painted room that they had brush up against!
  • An awesome spa day for you and your furry friend!


  • Aloe Vera Gel-Fights skin inflammation
  • Vitamin E-Supports healthy skin and a luscious coat
  • Tea Tree Oil-Acts as a natural insects deterrent